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Route Photos Gallery

Hello Pedal Thru The Pines Participants,

In an effort to make our ride safer and easier to navigate, we offer this photo gallery of Hot Spots, Cool Spots and Route related photos

Hot Spots denote hazardous areas on the routes such as blind approaches to intersections, unprotected lane crossings, RR Crossings and the like. Some of these spots will have a SAG member present directing cycle traffic or with route information available. We are making every effort to eliminate or otherwise lessen these hazards but as you are riding on public ways, we have limited control over what we can and cannot change. By providing these photos, you, the rider, will have a preview of what the hazard looks like before you ride the course. As always, ride with caution, awareness and responsibility for yourself and others on the route.

Cool Spots denote rest stops and scenic areas along the routes. Enjoy the refreshments, the fellowship and the ride!

Route related photos depict key turns and intersections along the route. Some of the photos show the approach to a turn or intersection. There should also be signs along all routes but know that sometimes our signs are inadvertently removed without our knowledge. If you need any assistance along the routes always look for SAG in orange vests or Family Crisis Center Volunteers for guidance.

Hopefully, after scrolling through these photos, your mind’s eye will remember these locations while you are riding our routes. Please use our feedback page with any comments or suggestions for improvements. Your safety is our first priority!

Larry Moomey
PTTP Safety Coordinator

Click on any picture and it opens a slide show, you can then scroll through by rolling over the photo and clicking the forward and backward arrows on each side. Note the text description at the bottom of each photo. These photos are in order as you ride the longest route; look for 16 mile (Alum Creek) and 27 mile (Buescher) rest stops throughout the slide show.

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