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The Most Popular World Cycling Events

Cycling Events

For several years now, officials in major cities around the world have been trying to promote cycling as an alternative mode of transport. As a result of this, there has been a significant increase in the number of bike-centric festivals. It is for this reason that we created our website to offer all the information you need to know about cycling as well as guides on cycling training plans. It doesn’t matter if you are new to cycling or an expert cyclist, the information on our website will get you started on the right foot.

One of our favorite events is the pedal thru the pines. This is an on the road cycling event that benefits the Family Crisis Center Bastrop Tx. As a participant, you can choose from 24, 40 / 70 miles routes. The best thing is that the event takes place each year in March. The ride is recommended training for the BP MS150. All the proceedings from the event support programs and services offered by the Family Crisis Center. This means you not only have fun with cycling training plans but also contribute to a good cause. Stick around our website to find out more about this amazing event.

Cycling Training Plans for Beginners

The cycling community is forever evolving with veteran cyclists hanging up their wheels and beginners starting their training. The good news is that there is no shortage of coaches to help you get started the right way and become an expert. However, before you get started on cycling training plans, it is always a great idea to understand a couple of things.

Prior to getting started on the training, there are a number of purchases you will have to do. The things you will need to include the following:

  • Take your bike to the shop. Your bikes need a tune-up and replace the damaged parts.
  • Get in shape. Training will stress your body. Getting in shape and optimizing how you sit on the bike will significantly reduce the risk of injury.
  • Gear up. You need to get the right training gear. Padded cycling shorts are important. Don’t rely on your padded cycling seats alone. You also need to get a good quality helmet.


When getting started, there are certain things you will not need to get right away. These include the power meter, heart rate monitor and anything that is made of carbon fiber. You can get these items as you advance.

In the first week of training, you should ride your bike more than you did the week before. It is also in the first week that you should figure out how much time you want to spend riding your bike. That way, you can get started off with the program the right way. You should also not worry about going hard. You don’t need to go from zero to four high-intensity spin classes in the first week. The best professional tips you will get is to increase your intensity gradually. You, however, need to be committed to your cycling training plans. How dedicated you are will determine how much progress you make.

As a side note, taking some time in sports betting in an online casino can help improve your strategy because you will be doing more research on the best cyclists and applying their secrets in your program. Don’t forget to make use of casino bonuses to reduce your monetary risk as you play for real money.

Guide to Cycling Events

Whether you are getting ready for the Bastrop Family Crisis Center cycling events or want to go pro, there are a couple of things you will have to do as you get set for these events. The first is obviously to complete your cycling training plans. Spending some time in sports betting on a legal casino will also help you understand the events better. Millions of fans follow the biggest cycling events each year, watching them and placing bets on them through an online casino. While you stand to make real money here, betting on sports will help improve your base knowledge of cycling events. As you watch the cyclists, you can also see how they act while on the road and apply their strategy in your cycling training plans.

Here are some of the best events you can bet on for the best odds in any legal casino:

  • Tour de France
  • Giro d’Italia
  • La Vuelta

The best tip you can get on betting on cycling is to find the best odds in an online casino. Don’t choose the first sportsbook. You should shop around. The best casinos online for betting on cycling events are:

  • Betwaysports
  • Spin Palace Sports

Always pay attention to the casino bonus and promotions, competitive lines, and only select cycling-related wagers in a casino. The available banking bonuses also matter.

From Amateur to Professional Cyclist

It takes time to move from being an amateur cyclist to a professional. The rule of thumb is to be committed to your cycling training plans. It is also good to note that the more you learn about the sport the more you will be able to improve.